Ms. Borgny Hjelen

We are three Norwegian women in the late fifties who love trekking both in Norway and abroad. Last June we went to Bhutan where we spent ten days from June 19, six of these trekking. The first day we went up to Tigers Nest, a combination of acclimatizing to the altitude and a test of our physical condition, we assume. It was a stunning experience, both the walk up there and the inside of the temple.

The five next days we did the Druk Path route, the old kings’ route, from Paro to Thimphu. After the trekking we stayed one night in Thimphu, the capital, and one in Punakha, the old capital. Kesang from Bhutan Wilderness Travel planned and arranged the trip for us, and was also our guide during the stay.

The highlight of our trip was the trekking in this beautiful nature, with a well prepared staff that included six horses for the equipment, the horse-boy, the chef and his assistant, our guide Kesang and an apprentice. The equipment, including the tents, was new and comfortable, and the guide and the crew made us feel very comfortable and safe. The chef, Tenzing, used natural herbs to flavor the cuisine. Kesang showed great knowledge about trekking and about the culture and history of his country. He was very forthcoming, and his English was excellent.

The midsummer night we spent by a beautiful lake with a bonfire of rhododendron wood, eating lovely trout caught in the lake. Kesang did the fishing with an admirable technique, with an audience of trekkers and crew watching, a new and exciting experience for some of the crew. During the trek we saw two yaks but hardly any human beings, so we felt the real peace of the nature.

We knew we were a bit late for the best of season, but luckily some of the rhododendrons (big trees!) were still in bloom, and in the high mountain the azalea covered the hills with their beautiful flowers of white and pink. Besides, there were a lot of other flowers and trees, and not to forget the blue poppy, the national flower, which Kesang had spotted where to find, before our arrival. We got some rain, but had also a lot of sun.

We were a bit afraid that the altitude could cause problems, but after the first day we were all well adjusted. Also the route itself was nice and we found it quite easy. We are happy to recommend this trip, even late in season, with Bhutan Wilderness Travel to anyone who loves trekking. It is a beautiful country where you feel very welcome.

Ms. Borgny HjelenNorway
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