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Thanks again, everyone. Really appreciate the kind words and concern. It’s also just hitting me now how freaky all this was but so many things worked in my favor. This oximeter which we used to check ours and the kids’ stats morning and night, kept us on our toes.
It was what told us that my oxygen intake was dropping rapidly. Oli from our Outdoor Ed Dept. and trip leader along with iSos and Tintin wasted no time at all and made the best decisions for me and the group, which was to get my stubborn butt down the mountain and fast.
Thankfully, we also had an oxygen buffer (as small as an inhaler) that kept me conscious on our way down the mountain. We also got lucky that Mr. Kesang the owner of Bhutan Wilderness Travel quickly informed the Tourism Council Of Bhutan, where Sangay Lhaden was able to arrange an ambulance that could drive closer to the base of the mountain where we were descending from. That saved a lot of time and potentially, helped us avoid more complications.
It also wasn’t raining so Wangda and Lambu, two of the strongest guys from the Bhutan Wilderness Travel crew, got to carry me down that steep, muddy hill, in the dark with one less obstacle. These guys rubbed my freezing fingers, kept me awake and showed nothing but kindness and compassion as I puked my guts and wanted to just lie down and sleep.
Kudos to our outdoor ed team, iSos and yay- the Bhutan Wilderness Travel crew who met us with oxygen and a fast driver. Mr Kesang himself, Phub and Tandin Wangyel (Tin Tin) stayed by my side the whole night at the hospital and reassured me that the kids were all right. So I wasn’t lucky I got AMS but a lot of things conspired for the best of circumstances to emerge. I am humbled and grateful to everyone who got me to safety. Thank you.

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